Head of School

Chris Kolovos is the Head of School at Boston University Academy. Since joining bbin娱乐平台 in the summer of 2020, 克里斯领导了学校的发展,旨在为优秀的学生服务,并建立在学校的传统优势:更加全球化, diverse humanities curriculum that puts the Western canon in conversation with other traditions; a new academic schedule with later starts and longer class periods; a faculty evaluation and professional growth program; creation of a Director of Equity and Inclusion role; a significant increase in the numbers of faculty of color; learning opportunities for bbin娱乐平台 students in departments and interdisciplinary centers at Boston University; emerging partnerships in the City of Boston; and a strategic vision guiding bbin娱乐平台’s path to 2030. 自2020年以来,申请人数急剧增加,这与克里斯确保所有特殊家庭的承诺相一致, curious, and capable students in the Boston area consider bbin娱乐平台 as an option. 在Chris任职期间,筹款的主要增长也导致了专业发展资金的显著扩张, renovations to all classroom spaces, 经济援助的增长——允许bbin娱乐平台录取所有符合条件的申请人,无论家庭的支付能力如何. 

Prior to bbin娱乐平台, 克里斯在康涅狄格州的绿色农场学院担任了七年的副校长,负责监督学校的学术课程. 他在贝尔蒙特希尔学校开始了他的教学生涯,在那里他担任了九年的历史老师, department chair, and Director of Global Education.

A son of Greek immigrants, Chris grew up in the Boston suburbs. 作为第一代大学生,他先后就读于罗克斯伯里拉丁学校和哈佛学院. 后来,他在哈佛大学获得法律学位,同时担任《bbin集团》的协调编辑 Harvard Law Review. He lives outside of Boston with his wife Tracey, son Charlie, twin daughters Penny and Maggie, their dog Circe, and their cat Chester.


Associate Head of School
Greens Farms Academy
Westport, CT

Director of Global Education
History Department Chair
Belmont Hill School
Belmont, MA


Harvard Law School
JD, cum laude, 2003

Harvard College
AB, magna cum laude, 1998

Roxbury Latin School
Magna cum laude, 1994

Interview with Chris Kolovos

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